BuddyPress – A Powerful Social Network Development Engine

Simply Buddypress is a plug-in of WordPress. Nowadays most of the web design clients require social networking included in their system, Buddypress makes this possible with faster development and integration time. A lot with the new releases, it has become as a powerful social network production engine. The latest version of Buddypress is 1 . 14 and it comes with some great features such as Theme compatibility, terrific welcome screen, profile pages, activity streams, groups, webpages & good administrator and user roles.

This article will look in detail into the powerful features of the latest version of the Buddypress.

1 . Theme compatible with WordPress: The present theme engine on Buddypress mixes very well with a WordPress theme. This theme like-mindedness makes the Buddypress to fit perfectly into the main application, by just inheriting the theme from WordPress without using the joomla templates.

You can modify the Buddypress Templates according to your need. Here are the steps to modify the templates.

• Create a service within the Buddypress folder.
• Select the BP template you should modify
• Copy the BP template and sauce it in the directory. Make changes to BP template dependant on your content and theme.
• For altering CSS, basically copy Buddypress CSS files and make the changes.

2 . Greet Screen: The latest release has a great looking welcome screen; it will have the information about the Buddypress latest news and the release points. Also it will show you the features page by pressing the link which happens to be present at the bottom of the page, where you can choose the features deparately needed for your social network.

3. Default components: In the previous versions most of the components present in the Buddypress will be active by default. The latest release will not be the same. It’ll have only often the extended profile component and the activity streams component let other than the all important Buddypress core. Administrators can make it easy for the components whenever they need it, even they can disable the activity rivers and extended profile component as well. Remember the Buddypress core cannot be disabled by anyone.

4. Groups: The new release of the Buddypress does not have the group forum features, instead it’ll continue with the all important Groups component. Since there are lots of WordPress based forums available they have retired the effective use of Groups components. The group component can be used to good benefit because the groups are a great feature available in this system. The admin belonging to the Buddypress can search for groups, mass delete and even manage the membership of each group. The admin can manage the exact visibility level of each group as well.

5. Extended report options: The Buddypress’s extended profile component enables the debtor to have added fields in the profile page of the users. A great deal more fields in the profile page are enabled by the extended description options. User’s more information can be used to tailor make an offer and also sales deal by the customer.  Get more info about Roberto Casula

If you own a great Scuttle based business or personal website, go ahead and use the power of Buddypress plug-in to have a great interaction with your users. There can be lot of Buddypress development company out there to help you for Online development with Buddypress.