CBD Oil: Everything You Need to Know

Do you find it just me, or did Buy cbd oil (cannabidiol oil) totally explode over the last year? I see new articles basically every day about its miraculous benefits, including claims it can even provide hope for patients who have exhausted their conventional remedies. People are using it for everything from anxiety and seizure conditions to psoriasis and pain management. I’ve gotta say—I’m just blown away by the exciting possibilities that CBD necessary oil has to offer.

Since this is such a hot topic (and I did a feeling that you’re just as curious about it as I am! ), I asked our Crazy Sexy Nutrition Director, Jen Reilly, to dig into it and give us the 411. Do not forget that research is currently underway and findings are still emerging. And you know us—we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled achievable info and sharing updates with you as soon as we get ‘em.

The good news is, there’s already a ton of fascinating and helpful information to choose from about CBD oil—and that’s exactly what we’re about to scuba into.

Take it away, Jen!

CBD Oil: Everything You Need to recognise
by Crazy Sexy Nutrition Director Jen Reilly, RD
Thanks, Kris! Nothing gets me more excited in comparison to the possibility of simple supplemental solutions to common health issues, so I have been closely following the CBD oil news for a while these days. Among my nutrition patients, I’ve seen CBD olive oil help with anxiety and psoriasis when nothing else did actually work. One patient has even been able to reduce the anxiety meds by half! The internet is also full of anecdotal evidence pointing to the potential benefits of CBD oil—including sets from pain management and nausea relief during chemotherapy that will freedom from colitis and other inflammatory digestive disorders.

Like Kris pointed out, human scientific research is still in the pretty early phases. This is especially relevant when it comes to determining a safe plus effective dosage of CBD oil, as well as understanding the attainable side effects. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get crazy about its potential benefits (Kris and I sure are! ), but I urge you to take caution and work with a strong integrative doc if you’re thinking about taking it—just like you have to with any medication or supplement!

But first, what is CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT oil?
CBD oil is a naturally occurring chemical compound ordinarily processed from the hemp plant (though it’s also obtained in marijuana—more on that later! ). It can be taken orally—under the tongue, in food and drinks, or inhaled by using a vape pen. It can also be applied topically as a salve or simply cream.

So , what’s the difference between CBD and THC?
Hemp and marijuana both come from the Cannabis sativa seed family, and the key difference between the two is their whole THC content. THC, like CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical type compound found in Cannabis sativa plants. Marijuana has a huge percentage of THC, which is psychoactive and well-known with the “high” it produces. Hemp, on the other hand, has a low THC percentage (0. 3% or less). So , CBD produced from hemp (and with no added components) has no psychoactive effect.

Both medical marijuana and CBD oil may perhaps be prescribed to treat certain health conditions. But , medical marijuana continues to marijuana—it has a high THC content and is only appropriate in certain states. CBD oil, however , should be legal to eat and distribute in the United States as long as it comes from hemp. Anyhow, many laws are still new or unclear, so homework your state’s regulations to be sure. Here’s a list of states that have already specific laws regarding CBD oil.