Learning About Pancreatitis in Dogs


The very pancreas has two functions, one of them is to make digestion enzymes and the other one is to produce insulin. Pancreatitis is known as a condition where there is inflammation and swelling of this organ this means you will be either very mild or very severe and life-threatening.

Many different things can trigger this condition but some belonging to the more common causes are eating very high-fat meals as well as eating table scraps.

Some Signs of pancreatitis in dogs are actually vomiting and severe abdominal pain. Also the dog is going to very likely assume a “prayer position” where its bust is on the floor and its rump is in the air. The reason for this position is to try and take pressure off of the abdomen.

Some k-9s point might also have diarrhea and vomiting and become rather dehydrated and weak and even may experience shock. On milder cases you might just notice a loss of desires for food and depression.

If your dog does have this condition, even a minimal one, it will likely need to be hospitalized so your veterinarian will stabilize them. The diagnosis is usually made by physical checking and blood tests that show an elevated amylase and also lipase level, which are two enzymes that the pancreas manufactures. Also ultrasound is usually used to confirm the diagnosis as well.

The single most important steps in treating this condition is allowing the pancreas to rest completely. This means not allowing the dog to eat everything for a few days.

In the meantime dogs are usually put on intravenous solutions along with given antibiotics to prevent any possible infections.